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Here at the Towers Community you will find that our most precious commodity, “Our Time” is once again in abundance.

As you walk through your door and settle into your beautiful home, work fades away and all the time you spent on household chores seamlessly disappears as your life grows less and less demanding. At the Valley Forge Towers Community life is truly less hectic. Your to do list will shrink year after year as maintenance ends allowing you freedom to begin anew and start spending more time doing the things you love.

The dream of never having to do landscaping or shoveling snow ever again is here. Instead you will be spending time with your family and loved ones, working out at the club house gym, going for a dip at the indoor and outdoor pool, relaxing in the clubhouse steam room or Jacuzzi, or throwing parties and entraining friends and family in the club house and in your home.


The Valley Forge Towers Community is the pinnacle of carefree living and just might transform your life as you know it!